Bay Crossings


Ferry Bocce Schedule for Fall 2019



Week #DateStart TimeTeam 1Team 2CourtResults
1 [Regular Season]9/105:15 PMThe Port King TidesHSBoCceEast11-13
1 [Regular Season]9/105:15 PM#realHSBCWaterfront WarriorsWest13-11
1 [Regular Season]9/106:15 PMThe Big LeBocceGoing CoastalEast13-9
1 [Regular Season]9/106:15 PMRolling BallzTrikeCuriousWest0-13
1 [Regular Season]9/107:15 PMBronx BallersKiss & StayEast13-9
1 [Regular Season]9/107:15 PMAC AssassinsBocceholicsWest0-13
2 [Regular Season]9/175:15 PMBocceholicsBronx BallersEast13-0
2 [Regular Season]9/175:15 PMKiss & StayAC AssassinsWest13-6
2 [Regular Season]9/176:15 PMWaterfront WarriorsHSBoCceEast10-13
2 [Regular Season]9/176:15 PMThe Port King Tides#realHSBCEast10-9
2 [Regular Season]9/177:15 PMThe Big LeBocceTrikeCuriousWest12-13
2 [Regular Season]9/177:15 PMRolling BallzGoing CoastalEast13-4
3 [Regular Season]10/85:15 PMTrikeCuriousGoing CoastalWest3-13
3 [Regular Season]10/85:15 PMThe Big LeBocceRolling BallzEast13-8
3 [Regular Season]10/86:15 PMBocceholicsKiss & StayEast13-9
3 [Regular Season]10/86:15 PMAC AssassinsBronx BallersWest13-5
3 [Regular Season]10/87:15 PMThe Port King TidesWaterfront WarriorsWest3-13
3 [Regular Season]10/87:15 PM#realHSBCHSBoCceEast13-11
4 [Regular Season]10/155:15 PMWaterfront WarriorsKiss & StayWest13-5
4 [Regular Season]10/155:15 PMThe Port King TidesBocceholicsEast7-13
4 [Regular Season]10/156:15 PMThe Big LeBocceHSBoCceWest11-13
4 [Regular Season]10/156:15 PMRolling Ballz#realHSBCWest13-12
4 [Regular Season]10/157:15 PMBronx BallersGoing CoastalWest5-13
4 [Regular Season]10/157:15 PMAC AssassinsTrikeCuriousWest9-13
5 [Regular Season]10/225:15 PMWaterfront WarriorsBocceholicsEast13-8
5 [Regular Season]10/225:15 PMThe Port King TidesKiss & StayWest0-13
5 [Regular Season]10/226:15 PMBronx BallersTrikeCuriousEast10-12
5 [Regular Season]10/226:15 PMAC AssassinsGoing CoastalWest7-13
5 [Regular Season]10/227:15 PMThe Big LeBocce#realHSBCWest13-3
5 [Regular Season]10/227:15 PMRolling BallzHSBoCceWest13-9
6 [Regular Season]10/295:15 PMBronx BallersHSBoCceEast13-10
6 [Regular Season]10/295:15 PMAC Assassins#realHSBCWest5-13
6 [Regular Season]10/296:15 PMWaterfront WarriorsRolling BallzEast10-12
6 [Regular Season]10/296:15 PMThe Port King TidesThe Big LeBocceWest13-8
6 [Regular Season]10/297:15 PMBocceholicsTrikeCuriousWest9-13
6 [Regular Season]10/297:15 PMKiss & StayGoing CoastalWest0-13
7 [Playoff - Consolation Round]11/55:00 PMHSBoCce#realHSBCWest6-2
7 [Playoff - Consolation Round]11/55:00 PMKiss & StayBronx BallersEast6-2
7 [Playoff - Round 1]11/55:30 PMGoing CoastalThe Big LeBocceWest11-4
7 [Playoff - Round 1]11/55:30 PMRolling BallzWaterfront WarriorsEast11-9
7 [Playoff - Round 2]11/56:15 PMTrikeCuriousRolling BallzEast9-11
7 [Playoff - Round 2]11/56:15 PMBocceholicsGoing CoastalWest4-11
7 [Playoff - Consolation Round]11/57:00 PMThe Port King TidesAC AssassinsEast0-0


Week #DateStart TimeTeam 1Team 2CourtResults
1 [Regular Season]9/115:15 PMBoccecratsThe Learned HandsWest10-13
1 [Regular Season]9/115:15 PMBay City RollersDogpatch HowlersEast10-13
1 [Regular Season]9/116:15 PMThe Mean High TidesBotched shotsWest13-3
1 [Regular Season]9/116:15 PMIn-The-Money Baller$$Son of a BocceEast7-13
1 [Regular Season]9/117:15 PMThe Diva BallsStone Cold BallersEast0-13
1 [Regular Season]9/117:15 PMBronx BallersMaster of the BocceverseWest10-11
2 [Regular Season]9/185:15 PMBoccecratsBronx BallersWest13-7
2 [Regular Season]9/185:15 PMBay City RollersStone Cold BallersWest13-9
2 [Regular Season]9/186:15 PMThe Learned HandsMaster of the BocceverseWest12-13
2 [Regular Season]9/186:15 PMDogpatch HowlersThe Diva BallsEast13-2
2 [Regular Season]9/187:15 PMThe Mean High TidesSon of a BocceWest13-0
2 [Regular Season]9/187:15 PMIn-The-Money Baller$$Botched shotsEast9-13
3 [Regular Season]10/95:15 PMDogpatch HowlersThe Learned HandsEast10-13
3 [Regular Season]10/95:15 PMBay City RollersBoccecratsWest13-2
3 [Regular Season]10/96:15 PMThe Mean High TidesIn-The-Money Baller$$East10-13
3 [Regular Season]10/96:15 PMBotched shotsSon of a BocceWest13-10
3 [Regular Season]10/97:15 PMThe Diva BallsBronx BallersWest9-13
3 [Regular Season]10/97:15 PMStone Cold BallersMaster of the BocceverseEast13-6
4 [Regular Season]10/165:15 PMThe Mean High TidesThe Diva BallsEast13-10
4 [Regular Season]10/165:15 PMIn-The-Money Baller$$Stone Cold BallersWest7-13
4 [Regular Season]10/166:15 PMBoccecratsMaster of the BocceverseEast13-1
4 [Regular Season]10/166:15 PMBay City RollersBronx BallersWest13-4
4 [Regular Season]10/167:15 PMThe Learned HandsSon of a BocceWest2-13
4 [Regular Season]10/167:15 PMDogpatch HowlersBotched shotsEast13-12
5 [Regular Season]10/235:15 PMBotched shotsMaster of the BocceverseEast11-9
5 [Regular Season]10/235:15 PMBay City RollersThe Learned HandsWest13-0
5 [Regular Season]10/236:15 PMDogpatch HowlersBoccecratsEast11-13
5 [Regular Season]10/236:15 PMThe Diva BallsIn-The-Money Baller$$West5-13
5 [Regular Season]10/237:15 PMThe Mean High TidesStone Cold BallersWest1-13
5 [Regular Season]10/237:15 PMSon of a BocceBronx BallersWest13-9
6 [Regular Season]10/305:15 PMBoccecratsBotched shotsEast13-3
6 [Regular Season]10/305:15 PMBay City RollersThe Mean High TidesWest11-9
6 [Regular Season]10/306:15 PMBronx BallersIn-The-Money Baller$$West13-5
6 [Regular Season]10/306:15 PMStone Cold BallersSon of a BocceEast2-13
6 [Regular Season]10/307:15 PMThe Learned HandsThe Diva BallsEast9-13
6 [Regular Season]10/307:15 PMDogpatch HowlersMaster of the BocceverseWest13-7
7 [Playoff - Consolation Round]11/65:00 PMIn-The-Money Baller$$The Learned HandsEast11-5
7 [Playoff - Consolation Round]11/65:00 PMBotched shotsBronx BallersWest8-3
7 [Playoff - Round 1]11/65:30 PMBoccecratsThe Mean High TidesWest11-10
7 [Playoff - Round 1]11/65:30 PMStone Cold BallersSon of a BocceEast9-7
7 [Playoff - Round 2]11/66:15 PMDogpatch HowlersBoccecratsWest3-11
7 [Playoff - Round 2]11/66:15 PMBay City RollersStone Cold BallersEast10-11
7 [Playoff - Consolation Round]11/67:00 PMMaster of the BocceverseThe Diva BallsEast11-0


Week #DateStart TimeTeam 1Team 2CourtResults
1 [Regular Season]9/125:15 PMPantera Capital99 Problems but Bocce Ain't OneWest0-13
1 [Regular Season]9/125:15 PMParamountPerfect StrangersEast10-11
1 [Regular Season]9/126:15 PMTreasure HuntersDream SteamEast10-13
1 [Regular Season]9/126:15 PMDrunk Since 1896The Notorious B.O.C.C.E.West13-3
1 [Regular Season]9/127:15 PMNo Balls to the WallHart HowertonWest0-13
1 [Regular Season]9/127:15 PMCoit GroupVerbocce Verbocce VerbocceEast13-7
2 [Regular Season]9/195:15 PMNo Balls to the WallCoit GroupWest13-3
2 [Regular Season]9/195:15 PMHart HowertonVerbocce Verbocce VerbocceEast0-13
2 [Regular Season]9/196:15 PMPantera CapitalPerfect StrangersEast13-8
2 [Regular Season]9/196:15 PMParamount99 Problems but Bocce Ain't OneWest10-13
2 [Regular Season]9/197:15 PMTreasure HuntersDrunk Since 1896East10-13
2 [Regular Season]9/197:15 PMThe Notorious B.O.C.C.E.Dream SteamWest13-11
3 [Regular Season]10/105:15 PMTreasure HuntersThe Notorious B.O.C.C.E.East13-11
3 [Regular Season]10/105:15 PMDream SteamDrunk Since 1896West13-0
3 [Regular Season]10/106:15 PMNo Balls to the WallVerbocce Verbocce VerbocceWest4-13
3 [Regular Season]10/106:15 PMCoit GroupHart HowertonEast0-0
3 [Regular Season]10/107:15 PM99 Problems but Bocce Ain't OnePerfect StrangersWest13-12
3 [Regular Season]10/107:15 PMPantera CapitalParamountEast13-8
4 [Regular Season]10/175:15 PMPantera CapitalTreasure HuntersWest7-13
4 [Regular Season]10/175:15 PMParamountThe Notorious B.O.C.C.E.East13-7
4 [Regular Season]10/176:15 PMDrunk Since 1896Verbocce Verbocce VerbocceWest13-6
4 [Regular Season]10/176:15 PMDream SteamNo Balls to the WallEast13-4
4 [Regular Season]10/177:15 PMCoit GroupPerfect StrangersEast9-13
4 [Regular Season]10/177:15 PMHart Howerton99 Problems but Bocce Ain't OneWest0-13
5 [Regular Season]10/245:15 PMCoit Group99 Problems but Bocce Ain't OneWest2-13
5 [Regular Season]10/245:15 PMHart HowertonPerfect StrangersEast0-13
5 [Regular Season]10/246:15 PMPantera CapitalThe Notorious B.O.C.C.E.West13-10
5 [Regular Season]10/246:15 PMParamountTreasure HuntersEast13-6
5 [Regular Season]10/247:15 PMDrunk Since 1896No Balls to the WallWest13-0
5 [Regular Season]10/247:15 PMDream SteamVerbocce Verbocce VerbocceEast13-3
6 [Regular Season]10/315:15 PMDrunk Since 189699 Problems but Bocce Ain't OneEast13-9
6 [Regular Season]10/315:15 PMDream SteamPerfect StrangersWest6-13
6 [Regular Season]10/316:15 PMCoit GroupTreasure HuntersWest12-13
6 [Regular Season]10/316:15 PMHart HowertonThe Notorious B.O.C.C.E.East13-0
6 [Regular Season]10/317:15 PMPantera CapitalVerbocce Verbocce VerbocceWest11-10
6 [Regular Season]10/317:15 PMParamountNo Balls to the WallEast8-13
7 [Playoff - Consolation Round]11/75:00 PMParamountVerbocce Verbocce VerbocceWest0-0
7 [Playoff - Consolation Round]11/75:00 PMNo Balls to the WallHart HowertonEast9-0
7 [Playoff - Round 1]11/75:30 PMPerfect StrangersTreasure HuntersWest11-0
7 [Playoff - Round 1]11/75:30 PMDream SteamPantera CapitalEast11-7
7 [Playoff - Round 2]11/76:15 PM99 Problems but Bocce Ain't OneDream SteamEast8-9
7 [Playoff - Round 2]11/76:15 PMDrunk Since 1896Perfect StrangersWest8-9
7 [Playoff - Consolation Round]11/77:00 PMThe Notorious B.O.C.C.E.Coit GroupEast0-0


Week #DateStart TimeTeam 1Team 2CourtResults
1 [Regular Season]9/1212:05 PMThe Port King TidesTap to PlayWest13-5
1 [Regular Season]9/1212:05 PMB-RollersAutodeskEast2-13
1 [Regular Season]9/1212:50 PMCharly's E-AngelsThe James Irvine FoundationEast12-7
2 [Regular Season]9/1912:05 PMThe Port King TidesThe James Irvine FoundationEast13-4
2 [Regular Season]9/1912:05 PMB-RollersCharly's E-AngelsWest13-8
2 [Regular Season]9/1912:50 PMAutodeskTap to PlayEast13-0
3 [Regular Season]10/1012:05 PMThe James Irvine FoundationTap to PlayEast9-13
3 [Regular Season]10/1012:05 PMB-RollersThe Port King TidesEast5-13
3 [Regular Season]10/1012:50 PMAutodeskCharly's E-AngelsEast13-4
4 [Regular Season]10/1712:05 PMThe Port King TidesTap to PlayWest13-0
4 [Regular Season]10/1712:05 PMB-RollersAutodeskEast8-11
4 [Regular Season]10/1712:50 PMCharly's E-AngelsThe James Irvine FoundationEast13-10
5 [Regular Season]10/2412:05 PMThe Port King TidesThe James Irvine FoundationEast13-3
5 [Regular Season]10/2412:05 PMB-RollersCharly's E-AngelsWest11-8
5 [Regular Season]10/2412:50 PMAutodeskTap to PlayEast13-0
6 [Regular Season]10/3112:05 PMThe James Irvine FoundationTap to PlayEast13-0
6 [Regular Season]10/3112:05 PMB-RollersThe Port King TidesEast5-13
6 [Regular Season]10/3112:50 PMAutodeskCharly's E-AngelsEast13-0
7 [Playoff - Round 1]11/712:05 PMThe Port King TidesB-RollersEast0-13
7 [Playoff - Round 1]11/712:05 PMAutodeskCharly's E-AngelsWest13-7
7 [Playoff - Consolation Round]11/712:50 PMThe James Irvine FoundationTap to PlayEast0-0